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Jun 4th

Thanks to the WB, I was able to review the season 4 DVD for Pretty Little Liars and it it’s an awesome set to get! If you haven’t picked one up yet DO IT HERE

And with the season 5 premiere coming sooner than we can get on our red coats, now is the perfect time to buy!

First, I think it was really helpful watching the last couple of episodes together in more “binge watch” style, getting ready for the premiere next week. Being able to watch the last three together gave me new looks to the whole Ezra part of the story (full disclosure, I’m not the biggest Ezra fan out there) so seeing “A is for Answers” again, it made me think more about what could happen next. I came to actually like Ezra in the re-watch, and am totally curious to see what season 5 brings for him. It’s funny how putting those episodes all together puts him in new light. The other thing I fully enjoyed from the DVD was the bonus recap – watching and paying attention to it, I felt it was the perfect reminder for fans – or the perfect starting point for people who may not have followed before.

I don’t want to spoil the deleted scenes cause it’s WELL worth the price of the DVD’s, shippers and non alike – seeing them makes me wish that the show was longer each week!

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