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Jul 12th

We’ve got 2 new clips here at Introducing Troian Bellisaro, the preview for tomorrow’s episode, as well as a sneak peak clip!


Jul 10th

Just Jarred JR has a quick interview up with Troian, and a cool read.

Troian shared, “There’s no need to be perfect. No one will ever be perfect or is perfect [right now]. Anyone that you are trying to get ahead of, look prettier than or get the better grade, they’re just struggling with their own things. If you take the time to love who you are in the moment…If you want to study really hard and want that A, then go for it. Take the time to celebrate it too.”

She continued, “My dad always told me, which I didn’t get for a while, but I would get the straight A’s and make the honor roll and Dean’s list. He’d always tell me, ‘Oh, you made the Dean’s List, how boring.’ Instead of hearing the joke, I had in my mind that that’s the status quo. One time, he got the report card and he told me, ‘I never seen you smile when you get your report card. You need to celebrate every time you get a good grade. Every time you work really hard and achieve something.’”

Troian finished off, “The most important thing is that you are happy with who you are.”

You Don’t have to be Perfect

Jul 8th

Updated the Introducing Troian Bellisario Gallery, thanks to the SO awesome Qua at SSO we’ve got new stills for episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars Episode 8 Stills

Jul 7th

The Introducing Troian Bellisario gallery is updated for this week’s Pretty Little Liars! I LOVED Spencer standing up to her dad, and making a friend!

Introducing Troian Bellisario Gallery > Pretty Little Liars > 1×05 Reality Bites Me

Jul 5th

BIG thanks to Pretty Little Liars.us for the stills as we have 2 new stills for this next week’s episode, Reality bites me, and then 1 new still for episode 8, Please do talk about when i’m gone.

Introducing Troian Bellisario Gallery > Pretty Little Liars > 1×5 Episode Stills
Introducing Troian Bellisario Gallery > Pretty Little Liars > 1×8 Episode Stills

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