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Mar 19th

PW: In particular, their motel Scrabble game was amazing and led to Keegan Allen revealing the most undercover abs to date.
Troian: Right?!? I had no idea! We were getting ready to film and he takes off his shirt … I was in shock! “Where did you get those, Keegan?!!?” I was supposed to lay my head on his chest, but it’s like a rock. I couldn’t sleep on all that muscle [laughs].

PW: But despite their burgeoning love, the last few episodes have been really awful for Spencer.
Troian: It’s funny because it’s awful for Spencer, but that stuff is wonderful as an actor [laughs]. Playing Spencer is always fun because she is a bit of a drama queen and takes things waaaay too seriously, but she’s also incredibly intelligent. And because all the girls are vulnerable, Spencer tries so hard to hold it together for all of them, so the fact she’s finally cracked and showing her vulnerable side is really fun to play.

Mar 11th

First, head HERE to watch the clip of Troian on Good Day New York.

Here’s a clip of her on The Seven Today

Mar 11th

Troian Bellisario bares her long legs in the chilly weather as she leaves FOX Studios in NYC on Thursday morning (March 10).

The 25-year-old actress taped a segment for Good Day New York where she chats about all things Pretty Little Liars. Check out her video!

Troian recently shared with EOnline about the surprise relationship between her and Keegan Allen (Toby) on the show: “The great thing about Toby and Spencer is that [their romance] truly came out of nowhere— our characters are so different. Keegan is one of my favorite people on set and we are just really good friends—maybe it was just seeing us hanging out on set that [the writers] started to write our characters closer.”

Feb 21st

New short film that has been released with Troian called A November.

Feb 3rd

Don’t the books give away the plot?

Possibly. “The characters are exactly the same,” explains Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer. “The writers stick to the personalities of the girls in the books, but at the same time they will change some details here and there so that the superfans — the people who have read all the books already — will have a bit of a surprise.” So maybe “A” will turn out to be different in the series than in the book. Or maybe it’s the same, in which case the fans who go on the MuchMusic website and post comments that give away the ending will really have earned the multi-exclamation-point wrath that they tend to provoke.

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